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Our Story

Catalytic development capital to accelerate the clean energy transition in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia Clean Energy Facility (SEACEF) is a collaboration between leading international foundations to accelerate the low carbon transition in Southeast Asia. In partnership with clean energy pioneers, governments, global philanthropic organizations, development financial institutions, NGOs and other local stakeholders, SEACEF aims to direct early-stage development capital investment into innovative, high-impact clean energy projects and businesses in critical Southeast Asian markets.​


Southeast Asia is at the vanguard of global climate change. Demographic trends provide an opportunity to leapfrog the clean energy transition and directly expose its populations to the front line of climate change’s disastrous effects. Yet despite this obvious opportunity and threat, the region remains a laggard on the clean energy transition. Held back by historical vested interests and incentive structures that continue to promote conventional fossil-fuel based power generation, the region has yet to attract the required transformational investment to transition to a more socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable future.

The goal of SEACEF is to catalyse the move away from traditional fossil and thermal energy projects in key markets, showcasing how clean energy technologies can provide the energy solutions of the future at an equivalent or lower price, with a faster rate of deployment and reduced social and environmental costs.

Our Funders

SEACEF is supported by leading international foundations, impact investors, and corporates with a focus on addressing the existential threats posed by global climate change  through catalytic action. SEACEF was incubated through generous support of the European Climate Foundation.

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