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SEACEF is a capital facility established to provide catalytic capital and development support to early-stage clean energy projects and businesses in a market-responsive manner. In doing so, SEACEF aims to showcase how clean energy projects and low-carbon technology business models can provide the energy solutions of the future at an equivalent or lower price, with a faster rate of deployment and reduced social and environmental costs.

To unlock the investment needed from institutional investors to build the clean energy ecosystems that will drive the clean energy transition in Southeast Asia, catalytic capital is required to prove that financing this sector is scalable and can generate competitive returns. SEACEF offers a new model for deploying development risk capital to have a sustained and leveraged climate mitigation impact.

SEACEF prioritizes climate impact through its investments and has the ability to take substantial risk in support of early-stage projects and companies. SEACEF aims to earn a return on its investments alongside its investment partners in a manner that prioritizes the successful completion of projects and the realization of business objectives to maximize the climate impact of its investments.

Key features of SEACEF include: 


Focus on proven technologies projected to lead the clean energy transition


Geographic scope includes Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam


Required to meet an 'additionality' requirement to crowd in private investment 


Nimble investment process and supportive investment role 


Able to deploy early- stage development risk capital with drawdowns based on milestone achievement

Focused Strategy

Southeast Asia is the engine of global economic growth and its economies and societies are reliant on energy supply growth – which has averaged twice the global average for the past two decades. SEACEF follows of a focused strategy of supporting proven clean energy technologies and business models that have the highest potential to accelerate the clean energy transition in the markets with the greatest fossil fuel dependence and fastest economic growth. In this way, SEACEF will have the greatest catalytic climate change mitigation impact.

Investment Ethos

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For more information on SEACEF and our work catalysing investment solutions that accelerate the clean energy transition, click here.  

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