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Our Investment Portfolio

The Southeast Asian Clean Energy Facility (SEACEF) provides early-stage development capital to solar, wind, storage, energy efficiency, electric mobility, and infrastructure businesses and projects in Southeast Asia. SEACEF funding helps to de-risk businesses and projects in order to catalyze follow-on private sector investment for de-risked opportunities.


Xurya Daya Indonesia


Java, Bali and Sumatra, Indonesia
Investment Announced: September 2020

Xurya is an Indonesian distributed clean energy company founded by a team of Indonesian entrepreneurs committed to making rooftop solar a ubiquitous source of clean energy in Indonesia.

Within two years of its founding, Xurya has emerged as a market leader, having originated and executed the first wave of solar leasing projects in Indonesia, despite a challenging domestic context in which there is limited experience on the part of both consumers and Indonesian financial institutions. Xurya has targeted to complete at least 300MW within the next three years, versus less than approximately 150MW of rooftop solar currently installed across all of Indonesia.

SEACEF’s investment is critical to support Xurya achieve an initial critical scale. 

Levanta Renewables

Phu Yen and Gia Lai, Vietnam
Investment Announced: January 2021


SEACEF is supporting Levanta Renewables' development of a portfolio of three wind power projects in Vietnam with a combined capacity of up to 330 MW.  

SEACEF invested into the portfolio at an early stage with initial funding used to finance the installation of met masts to prove the wind resource, to advance critical regulatory permits, and to confirm environmental and social viability though completion of initial EIA. Levanta’s project portfolio is differentiated for its focus on helping to open up Vietnam’s Central Highland region for wind developments, , which is a region with less grid congestion than in the country’s current wind energy “hot spots”.


SEACEF’s investment is crucial to support Levanta to maintain the pace of development for projects that are targeting commissioning in 2022-2023. 


Real Wind Energy Inc.

Quezon, Philippines
Investment Announced: January 2021


SEACEF is supporting Highland Infrastructure’s development of the Real Wind energy project which is being developed in phases with a first phase of 50 MW and a potential capacity of up to 500 MW. The project, if successful, will be precedent setting in the Philippines in terms of opening a renewed interest in investment in the Philippine wind sector following the end of a feed-in-tariff regime in 2017. 


SEACEF invested into the project at an early stage with initial funding used to finance the installation of met masts to prove the wind resource, to confirm grid access through grid impact study, and to confirm E&S viability though completion of initial EIA.

Blueleaf Energy


Tri An, Vietnam
Investment Announced: April 2021

SEACEF is supporting the Tri An floating solar and storage project under development by Blueleaf Energy that should serve as a template for other floating solar and storage opportunities in Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. The project aims to help address Vietnam’s power shortage challenge while demonstrating the viability of energy storage to augment the electrical grid and accommodate more low-cost renewable energy.


SEACEF invested into the project with initial funding used to support early-stage development work including key technical studies, analysing grid impacts and access, and advancing environmental and social works including an international-standard ESIA.




Investment Announced: September 2021


Singapore-based Oyika is building battery swap/charging infrastructures to support the rapid deployment of electric vehicles in Southeast Asia. By offering a bundled solution for consumers seeking a cleaner, more cost competitive motorcycle than traditional petrol motorbikes, Oyika provides a zero-upfront cost option that makes adoption easy. 


The SEACEF is focused on supporting Oyika’s growth in Indonesia, the world’s third largest market for two-wheelers, where the company has a current first-mover advantage. With an estimated 138 million motorbikes currently in use in Indonesia, Oyika’s scale-up has the potential to significantly reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions while improving urban air quality.


If you are raising development capital for a business or project that meets our investment model and criteria, we would look forward to hearing more from you