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What We Look For

SEACEF has three key threshold requirements for investment: additionality, climate-impact and commercial viability. SEACEF is able to provide development capital for clean energy and climate change-related projects and companies subject to the requirement that investments qualify for additionality and in a manner that prioritizes climate impact. Investment opportunities are also subject to a determination of commercial viability.

We are particularly interested in projects and companies that offer:



Climate Impact 

All investments are originated, managed, and exited to maximize the climate mitigation impact of each dollar of capital committed. Climate impact is generated through strategic investment into large-scale clean energy projects and companies and through the success of innovative business models and technology applications that can be scaled and replicated in the region. 



Because no climate mitigation impact is generated from failed clean energy projects and companies, we aim for all SEACEF investments to be successful. We believe that success is most often a factor of the focus and capability of developers who have the competency to execute feasible business models. The deployment of development risk capital supports competent developers but alone is not sufficient to ensure success.


All investments are required to clear an additionality threshold against a screen for regulatory, financial, and technical robustness. In the context of SEACEF, additionality will include, among other relevant factors, the role that the Facility plays in providing catalytic capital and development support to projects and companies that would not advance without the Facility’s investment. SEACEF targets investment opportunities that push boundaries on regulatory frameworks, technical precedence, and financeability to have a catalytic impact.

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