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We are seeking investment proposals in the areas of energy efficiency, electric mobility, and energy storage


SEACEF is conducting a targeted call for the submission of investment proposals in the areas of energy efficiency, electric mobility and energy storage in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam with visions of scalability to make significant positive impact toward reduced dependence on fossil fuels and the reduction of carbon emissions.


We are particularly interested in proposal in the following areas:


Energy efficiency including, but not limited to, provision of energy services and development of energy efficient solutions and technologies, such as energy services company (ESCO) models preferably with a captive or developed pipeline of opportunities, finance models that help scale deployment, cold chain applications, etc.


Electric mobility including, but not limited to, electric vehicles (e.g. technology deployment for private entities, provision of shared mobility solutions or delivery services, deployment of electric vehicles for public transport) and charging infrastructure (e.g. technology development, construction, operation and management of charging stations).


Energy storage including, but not limited to, stand-alone battery storage projects and deployment of renewable energy integrated energy storage solutions.

If you are raising capital for a project or business that you believe meets our criteria and approach, we want to hear from you. Please complete the form below.  We will respond to let you know if you would be invited to submit a complete proposal.  Please note that submitting a form does not obligate SEACEF to make an investment. 

SEACEF has a partnership agreement with the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN), through which PFAN coaches and refers projects to SEACEF, and the two organizations jointly cooperate and develop events. The main focus areas of the partnership are the sub-sectors of electric mobility, energy efficiency, cold storage and resilient grids, and the joint work addresses the target markets of Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

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For more information on SEACEF and our work catalysing investment solutions that accelerate the clean energy transition, click here.  

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