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Major global philanthropic organizations launch a first-of-

its-kind high risk funding initiative aimed at crowding in private sector investment in Southeast Asia

On 30 June 2020, we announced the launch of the South East Asia Clean Energy Facility (SEACEF) aimed at catalyzing billions of dollars of clean energy investments into projects and businesses, managed by Singapore-based Clime Capital.

SEACEF (Southeast Asia Clean Energy Facility) invests in innovative development-stage clean energy projects and businesses


SEACEF is designed to play a catalytic role in reducing and removing many of the key early-stage barriers that stall or prevent successful clean energy projects and businesses. By placing development risk capital into innovative, high-impact clean energy opportunities, SEACEF intends to have a leveraged impact to accelerate Southeast Asia’s clean energy transition. SEACEF is currently active in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

SEACEF is focused on the scale-out of globally proven technologies and business models such as solar, wind, and energy storage (on-grid and behind the meter), plus other business models that  accelerate the low carbon transition – such as transmission infrastructure, demand side management technology, and e-mobility.

SEACEF investments prioritize climate impact. We also subject investment opportunities to a determination of their commercial viability. SEACEF has three key threshold requirements for investment: climate impact, additionality and commercial viability.


Climate Impact

All investments are originated, managed and exited to maximize the climate impact of each dollar committed.



All investments must clear a minimal ‘additionality’ thresholds against a screen for regulatory, financial, and technical precedence ensuring that SEACEF supports the ‘crowding in’ of later stage third-party investment.



Investments prioritize early-stage, high-impact, innovative clean energy projects and businesses that have a high probability of successful completion based on developer track record and sound business plans.


If you are raising development capital for a business or project that meets our investment model and criteria, we would look forward to hearing more from you

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