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Accelerating Clean Energy Transition, Clime Capital Makes Prime Investment in Xurya

Jakarta - Singapore-based investment management company Clime Capital announced the Southeast Asia Clean Energy Facility (SEACEF) has made its first investment in Indonesia through PT Xurya Daya Indonesia (Xurya).

The SEACEF funding aims to accelerate the revolution of Indonesia's growing energy industry through the use of sustainable and reliable clean energy. 

According to the plan, Xurya will allocate this investment to continue the pipeline for the construction of Rooftop PLTS in commercial and industrial buildings, which currently has reached 80 MWp. 

Joshua Kramer, Director of Clime Capital said, SEACEF is a 'unique' investor because it provides risk capital to projects or companies whose development is still in its early stages. 

"We believe Xurya has the potential to become a game changer in developing clean energy potential in Indonesia and this SEACEF investment will help Xurya achieve its long-term plans. Our investment in Xurya is our first step in creating climate change impacts through SEACEF's investment portfolio." said Kramer.

Mason Wallick, Managing Director of Clime Capital said, in the current economic crisis, SEACEF's early stage investment in Xurya will also create new jobs, provide energy savings for commercial & industry, and most importantly provide development capital which shows that green recovery is still viable. reached. 

"We will continue to support local developers in Southeast Asia to achieve a green recovery from the current Covid-19 crisis," said Wallick.

Eka Himawan, Managing Director of Xurya Daya Indonesia said, amid the slowdown in PLTS utility investment, his party believes that commercial and industrial customers have become a bright spot for electricity investors in Indonesia, not only from a profit perspective, but more importantly from a climate impact perspective.

"The SEACEF team responsively identified these opportunities and we are happy because they share the same vision as us," he said.

SEACEF provides catalytic funding to tackle climate change by removing barriers in the early stages of clean energy development. By placing risk capital into clean energy development, SEACEF focuses on financing technology and business models that have been proven globally such as PLTS, PLTB, and energy storage (on-grid), as well as other low-carbon business models such as e-Mobility, Demand Side technology. Management (DSM technology), energy efficiency and clean energy transmission infrastructure.

Just so you know, Xurya has succeeded in sparking the first wave of solar rooftop leasing in the commercial and industrial (C&I) circles. Not only customers on the island of Java, Xurya has also reached markets to the islands of Sumatra and Sulawesi. With this investment, Xurya is committed to making PLTS Roof a cheap and affordable source of clean energy for all regions in Indonesia.


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